Meatless Biscuits & Gravy


Please ignore how disgusting my kitchen is and pay attention to how yummy this dang dinner looks-thanks!

When M and I first starting dating, it was apparent (at least to me) that he was the cool one and I was dating up. Little did I know, this tatted-up, heavy metal listening, cool guy had the most country side I had ever seen. The first time I saw this side was when we first starting dating, he took me an hour out of town to meet his grandparents, who live on a real life farm. I mean, we passed horses on our way there! A ‘city slicker’ like myself had no idea what to expect.

Now this recipe doesn’t really have any ties to that experience, I honestly have no idea what we had that night for dinner with them. But making this reminds me of the time we sat around his grandmother’s huge dining room table, talking about crops, his little brother, and their outside-only dog. This one’s for you babe.

Meatless Biscuits & Gravy

1/2 cup butter

3/4 cup all purpose flour

2 cups almond milk (regular milk is fine, I just like almond)

salt and pepper to taste

seasonings to taste

To start you’ll need a medium pot, a whisk (don’t make my mistake of using a plain old spoon, you’ll be stirring out lumps for daaaaays), and the fearlessness of trying something new. Put your stove on medium heat and melt your butter down until you start to get those loud bubbles, and start mixing in your flour. The trick is to start mixing in your flour in tablespoons to avoid lumps. You basically just go back and forth with flour and milk until you come to a nice gravy-like consistency. On the way, season to taste. I prefer salt, pepper, paprika, and cavenders. Honestly, I had no idea what cavenders was until I moved in with M, who should be the poster child for them, with how much he uses it. But I’ll hand it to him, it’s pretty damn good. Now, you’re mixture is going to render (which is fancy talk for simmer down) which is totally fine. You’ll end up with around 2 cups of gravy. So if you need more, just double your ingredients. It’ll take a bit longer, but it’ll be the same gravy, I promise.



Okay, so I know you’re going to call bullshit here. And you caught me, I used premade biscuit dough. Partly because I’m a fraud, mostly because I haven’t mastered the biscuit dough. But you’ll be the first to hear about it when I do. Right after everyone who lives in my complex after hearing me scream yes multiple times and doing a happy dance in front of my patio window for the world to witness.

And just so you know, I won’t judge if you use premade as well.




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