Don’t Stop Retrievin’


Let’s talk about this pawesome snack/dessert hybrid; the Puppy Chow

As I’m sure you’re aware, family holidays were lit. Lot’s of fun, food, and presents. Even at Thanksgiving. But now it’s Christmas! Well, I mean, it’s December but still! M was obviously not surprised when on December 1st I jumped out of bed to start my advent calendar. So, sorry not sorry for all of the Christmas related recipes for the next month.

But we’re going to kick this holly-filled month with my Aunt Lori’s famous Puppy Chow. As a kid, and up until like last month, I was still baffled by how the hell she got chocolate into Chex cereal. Considering I had never seen her make it, 10-year-old Hannah thought she used a syringe or something fancy to inject the cereal with yummy chocolatey goodness. Although, I imagine if I had learned the secret sooner, M and I would probably be much heavier than we are now because damn is this easy to make. Shout out to Aunt Lori for keeping up the secret for as long as she did.


Aunt Lori’s Puppy Chow

1 box Chex cereal

2 bags mini semisweet chocolate chips

3 tbsp peanut butter

1 large bag powdered sugar

Start by melting down your chocolate and peanut butter together. Since I do not own a glass bowl I used the microwave, but if you’ve got one, I would suggest melting it down over the stove. In that case, put your chocolate and peanut butter over boiling water and keep stirring until fully melted and smooth. But in the microwave case, I just put my peanut butter on top of my chocolate chips so when the peanut butter melted, it helps melt down your chocolate. If using a microwave, melt it down in 25 second increments, as to not burn your precious, precious chocolate.

After melting down your chocolate and peanut butter, pour over your chex cereal, but make sure you’ve put it in a huge bowl. Those bitches are tough to stir without destroying, so make sure you give them lots of room and a gentle hand. Much like with gardening, or dumping your ex of five years. You’re then going to need a large bag and your powdered sugar on hand. Once all of your cereal is coated, take a large spoon and put in your big bag. You won’t be able to get all of your cereal in one bag, so just do it in batches. If you only filled up your bag halfway, it’ll only take two batches to get it all done.

Then toss half of your powdered sugar in the first bag, seal it up time, and do the tango. Just kidding, although it does totally work. Just shake that bad boy until you don’t see any chocolate flying around. Store in an air tight container and enjoy!




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