Mason Cooks; Pineapple of My Eye


I finally found someone who hates doing dishes as much as I do, and that’s real love

As someone who works full time in the restaurant industry and also enjoys cooking at home, it’s a nice surprise when I come home and M has already decided what we’re having for dinner and is already working on it. I walked in after a ten hour shift and was greeted with a kiss, a booty grab, and a drink, and honestly that’s the dream.

M loves Asian food. Sushi? All over it. Hibachi? Let’s do it. Seafood? Please god yes. So at least I always know what restaurant gift card to get him if I come up short on birthday or Christmas presents. But he had decided that we were going to have tuna steaks with pineapple pepper salsa, which turned out amazing. And he said himself “I know what I’m doing when I’m not making minute rice”, which I personally feel speaks to his personality and energy level when it comes to working at the happiest place on earth.

Mason’s Tuna Steak with Pineapple Pepper Salsa

2 tuna steaks, thawed

1/2 pineapple

1 pepper, your choice on color

teriyaki marinade

cilantro, to taste

salt and pepper, to taste

Unfortunately, he had already started on the salsa and marinade when I got home, but he told me he marinade his steaks for about 30 minutes, then tossed his chopped up pineapple and pepper into a medium saucepan over medium to high heat. Then he tossed his salsa together with some cilantro and a little bit of teriyaki marinade. He then cooked his tuna steaks at medium heat for about ten minutes (five on either side), then ta-da! All you have to do after that is put it all together. Of course, I plated it. Mostly because I wanted to make it pretty, partly because I just love plating food. I’m not really sure why, but you know.




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