CCW; Mom’s Chocolate Sandwich Cookies


You know that feeling when you see something on a small screen or from far away and it looks great, then you blow it up and looks like garbage? Welcome to my life, aka sorry for the garbage pictures please don’t hate me.

I find it ironic that these cookies are literally the easiest to make and yet I still can’t get a half decent photo of them. Oh well, at least they taste good. So these are my mom’s chocolate sandwich cookies. The have been a Christmas staple forever and every year around the holidays my mom sends me a big box of ’em then they are destroyed within a matter of hours.

Mom’s Chocolate Sandwich Cookies


peanut butter

melting chocolate


So this is seriously easy. You make little peanut butter sandwiches, then you dunk them in melting chocolate. They’re done faster than you can say ‘mom there’s no more cookies can I please have more’. Trust me, I’ve done the legwork.





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