NFS; New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year y’all!

I know, I know. I’m a smidge late. But you know what’s worse than being late? Not making any resolutions at all. Over the last couple of years I’ve made and broken resolutions, claimed they were dumb, and not made any at all. I decided that this year would be different. I am exactly where I want to be in life and I’ve made the decision to improve myself.

When I decided to make my resolutions mean something, I wanted to keep it simple. Go full vegetarian, learn French, and be nice to myself.

I had spent too much time in the last five years boxing myself in. With what I could do, what I could say, and how I could feel. There was a time in my life that not only would I let others limit me, but I would limit myself. But then I thought, that time was over. This year I would stretch out, take up space, and not apologize.

I figured the first step would be to do something I hadn’t done in ages, and that was to give up meat. Not only do I see this as a way to be who I really want to be, but a way to give back to the planet and be more conscious in the way I consume. Of course I do still love cheese and still cook with butter, but it’s a step in the right direction.

While I haven’t actually started my second resolution, learning French, I have given myself all year to start on that one. Mostly because I doubt I could learn any entire language within a year, but also because I’m banking on the fact that M’s not taking me to France for at least another year so I know I have time to learn.

Finally, my third resolution is a work in progress. Being nice to other people is easy. Much easier than being nice to myself, that’s for sure. While being nice to myself is definitely a resolution, I also feel as though it is a work in progress that I just need to take a step towards, one foot after another.

What are your resolutions?




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