Orlando to Portland in 50 Hours

As some of you may know, Mason and I recently relocated to Portland, OR! I would have to say that it was the best decision we made for our life, our marriage, and our happiness. Living in Florida was amazing because our parents were close enough to visit often, we had a great support system of friends and coworkers, and we were able to go to Disney for free!

Fun fact; Mason and I had never left the state together until we came to Portland for our honeymoon in February. But there comes a time when a place loses it’s appeal, and while I will always miss all of our friends in Orlando, it seemed time to head out.

Once Mason was offered the job he’s at now, we went into what I like to call ‘get shit done ‘ mode. I quit my job, Mason put in his two weeks, and we started living out of boxes and started the hunt for our new home. The funny thing is that while that was happening it was pretty stressful, and I kept saying to myself ‘oh well this is the most stressful bit and the drive there will just be a cakewalk’, and that’s how I jinxed myself and karma paid a visit.

What we did is drive both of our cars up to Panama City Beach, where both of our parents live, and we had decided to sell Mason’s car and just pack up Meredith (my Scion wagon) with everything we owned, plus two cats, and just drive 50 hours across the country. And after spending an amazing few days with our families, we set out!

We left Panama City around 3am and were planning on driving to Oklahoma and stay with my grandma Jo for a night. Of course, the cats were not happy, and Denny proceeded to shit and vomit in his crate within the first two hours. I think that was the moment when it really set in for me that we were taking our entire lives across the country, just because we wanted to. But the kittens were such troopers after that, besides Lizzy constantly yelling about how unhappy she was.

But it was so beautiful! Honestly, if you ever get the chance to drive across the country, do it. We may have broken up 50 hours of driving within three days and it was not fun sitting in a car that much, but we saw so many beautiful sights and so many interesting things!


After spending a few days in Panama City Beach with family and friends, we set off! To start we drove up through Alabama, Mississippi, a corner of Tennessee, all of Arkansas, Oklahoma (hi grandma jo!), New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, and then finally spent an extra seven hours driving once we even hit Oregon, which was crazy to me.


Also, Tennessee is definitely the home of the Illuminati. Real talk.


Hi Austin & Caitlin! Your home state is kinda super boring but I’m happy we didn’t get murdered in Texarkana!


New Mexico might have been one of the most boring states we drove through, but damn I was so excited to be back in my home state! Literally the entire time we were there I was just telling Mason about growing up in New Mexico and places I had been and we actually ended up driving past a stand alone mountain I had driven past as a child! Talk about blast from the past.


How can you not being happy looking at that? Maybe it’s just me.


Y’all Utah is GORGEOUS! We ended up leaving Denver at like midnight so unfortunately when we drove through Wyoming it was super dark, but there was one point where we stopped the car in the middle of no where to trade drivers and I remember looking up and holy shit the stars were SO BEAUTIFUL. Literally no light pollution and it was just the most beautiful moment of our entire trip.


But our entire drive through Utah was absolutely beautiful. We drove through mountains, next to mountains, past mountains and damn girl. Having lived in flat Florida for the past two years it was absolutely amazing driving through snow capped mountains.


Honestly I don’t have any pictures of Idaho because Idaho is boring AF you guys. But once we hit Oregon we basically stopped listening to No Sleep Podcast (which I highly recommend, literally the most listening to thing on our trip and NO RAGRETS) and just stared out the window. It was so pretty! We drove through some super fun mountains, then followed the biggest river I’ve ever seen (and we drove over the Mississippi).

But real talk y’all, America is so beautiful and if you ever have the option to drive long distance anywhere, do it. You will not regret it.





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