Vegetarian Meal Prep


I like doing future Hannah favors now and again; going to the gym, buying that chocolate bar, and sometimes making my lunch had of time. 

As some of you are aware, one of my resolutions for 2017 was to quit meat. It makes me feel gross, it’s sad, and it hurts the environment. As of late, I’ve been trying my hand at making tofu, and I’ve got to say, I actually quite enjoy it. But enough about me, let’s get started!

So when I was meal prepping for this particular week, not only was a prepping for myself, but also for M. And while he’s not a fan of tofu, he has agreed to not complain about no meat meals, and I am very grateful.


First up is my teriyaki tofu with quinoa, and it’s definitely the easiest recipe here. You just press your tofu, marinate it in teriyaki sauce (I use the Aldi brand one, and it’s SO good!), sautéed and serve! It’s super yummy, keeps pretty well, and never gets old!


Next up is broccoli with thai peanut sauce! This is M’s favorite, mostly because he loves a good thai peanut sauce. This one is literally just peanut butter, soy sauce, and some salt and pepper. All of the recipes I saw called for a bunch of fancy shit I didn’t have, so I just went with what felt right and it turned out pretty good!


Last but definitely not least is black bean curry! This one is my favorite, mostly because I relate curry with cold weather, and I personally love being cold. This recipe calls for coconut milk, curry powder, paprika, garlic salt, onion powder, salt, and pepper! Now I don’t add measurements because they tend to change based on how I’m feeling. If I want something more on the spicy side I’ll do more paprika, or if I’m not feeling it I tend to go pretty hard in the curry powder and garlic salt. Now I will suggest using fresh garlic if you’ve got it, I just didn’t have any on hand when I made this. Once you’ve got your spices mixed with your coconut milk, toss in your beans and broccoli. And you could honestly use whatever you want in this. I like to do chickpeas alone if I want something more on the soupy side, or will add a rainbow of veggies if I want something with a bit more substance.

But that’s it! When I made all of these it came out to about eight portions, four for me and four for M.

What’s your favorite meal prep?




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