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Hi hello I am not dead. Tis I, everyone’s favorite food blog slacker. Constantly cooking, but never taking photos or talking about it. For those of you who have somehow stumbled upon my slice of the cloud, hi I’m Hannah. Recent (like almost a year) transplant to the PNW from central Florida. I like cooking, reading, and taking two hour long naps.

I recently went on a six month long hiatus, partly because I was busy with my full time job, partly because my laptop sh*t out and I was left with M’s old Mac that you can watch Netflix on and that’s about it. But I’m back! We’ve recently moved into a different apartment in the same building, with a larger kitchen, hardwood floors and a bathtub! You can say I’ve been feeling inspired. Another inspiring thing is that I’ve committed to going vegan. M and I have been going on and off of vegetarianism for what feels like forever and while he cannot give up sushi (which I totally get and completely support), I have found that after experimenting the past few months, my body feels best on a vegan diet.

Now, you’re probably thinking “Hannah, how is this going to change your content, not that there’s much of it anyway but still” and while I definitively deserve that, not much will be changing. I still love the same foods, I’ll just be finding more creative ways to eat the foods I love the most, and sharing it with y’all.

But onward! I figured since I was gone for the last six/seven/eight months, I’d give you a lil update via photo album just in case you didn’t already follow me on Instagram.


In September of last year, M and I took the train up to Seattle to see family where I got a new tattoo, made a new friend, and drank a lot of beer.


In October, M and I celebrated one year married and my 24th birthday! We spent the night with close friends drinking mulled wine, hot toddys, and smoking cigars like the classy people we are.


December marked our first big beer festival! We attended the Holiday Ale Fest in the beginning of the month and had the best time!


December also marked M and I’s first Christmas tree together, as well as our first white Christmas! I worked the morning of Christmas Eve and there’s something real magical about looking up from what you’re doing and seeing snow falling!


In mid January we went back up to Seattle, where we met Oscar Brown, the new family dog, went winery hopping in Woodinville, and I made a five course dinner for the weekly Bachelor viewing party.


By the first week of February, the universe had decided that I had waited long enough for my own bathtub and we were offered to upgrade apartments. We only got an extra 15 square feet, but we got a bathtub, two extra windows, hardwood floors, and a larger kitchen so literally all of my boxes were ticked off. Thanks Universe!


And now we end with the Super Bowl weekend! What started as a weekend of being sick and feeling terribly ended with a nice night at a friend’s with her new puppy Tipsy and Finnegan the whistling bird who was quite taken with M.

But there you have it! The last couple of weeks have been nice, just working, seeing friends, hanging out. But now I’m back and I’ve got some fun content lined up for you! Moving forward I’m going to be posting on Tuesdays and Fridays, and if you want to keep up with what I’m doing you can follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or subscribe in that sidebar!

Also, if you have any recipes you’d like me to try you can leave a comment below or shoot me an email at




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