Salad Rollin’ Down The Street

If you know my husband at all, you know he’s a big fan of Asian food. Obviously, hes a fan of food no matter what but he will pick anything Asian or Thai before a big bowl of pasta any day. So when he asked me to make him salad rolls as a meal prep for work, i was a bit skeptical. I had never even had a salad roll, let alone knew how to make one. But after some research it seemed fairly simple. Veggies, noodles, and salad wraps. M had also asked me to make peanut sauce as well but since I was already feeling enough pressure we decided to get a bottle and we’d make it next time.


We decided we would start with cucumber, carrot, bell pepper, and romaine lettuce. Since our new fridge was being finnicky half of our veggies were slightly frozen but I imagine your cuts would come out better if you didnt have to worry about that. I was more inclined to make my cuts pretty small, partly because M wanted to make a LOT of rolls, partly because I was worried about wrapping these huge cuts of vegetables.


Once the noodles were cooked (we used glass noodles, partly for taste, partly for cuteness) I made myself a little assembly line with M dipping the rice wraps in water. For the record, our first couple rolls were SUPER ugly. Like, very very ugly. But eventually we got a rhythm and banged out about 30 salad rolls. Considering M eats 3-5 in one sitting, this was the perfect amount for him.


Pretty ladies


A blurry photo, mostly because I can never get M to hold still.


Cook your noodles al dente if you don’t want them to be mushy after a couple of days

Make sure to rinse all of your veggies to maintain crispness for as long as possible.

When dipping your rice papers, make water as hot as you can stand it to ensure they become as malleable and as sticky as they can before rolling.

Your rice papers will turn into edible cling wrap after dipping, so make sure you’re not trying to carry them across your kitchen dripping wet and folding in on themselves so you’re not throwing a tantrum when they come out sh*tty. (That definitely did not happen to me)

Got a recipe you’d like me to try? Leave a comment below or shoot me an email at





3 thoughts on “Salad Rollin’ Down The Street

      1. That’s awesome! I didn’t think they lasted that long so I haven’t tried to make them for meal prepping yet, I think I’ll have to give them a try now! 😊


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