Mason Cooks; 200 SqFt Movie Theatre Popcorn

If you’ve known me for over three years, you’d know that I was at the movie theatre literally every weekend. I worked a regular 9-5 gig so when Friday night hit I was there, seeing the newest blockbuster. Naturally, I ate a lot of popcorn.

What I didn’t know is that your average movie theatre popcorn is SO BAD FOR YOU. It’s laced with chemicals, artificial flavors, and so much garbage. I am a terrible person for a lot of things, but mostly because I’ve known this for a while now and I still cannot help myself from getting a nice large popcorn whenever I go to the theatre. So when M said he could make popcorn from scratch I as blown away.



The great thing about Mason’s popcorn is that it’s literally only three ingredients. oil, popcorn kernels, and Cavender’s. Bing, bang, done.

What Mason does is puts about an inch or so of oil in a large pot with a lid on medium to high heat, waits for it to get fairly hot, then dumps his kernels in and puts the lid back on.



How long it takes is dependent on how high your heat is and how much popcorn you’re making. Typically Mason will make us a large bowl, and altogether it takes about ten minutes to make from start to finish.



After it’s done, he strains the excess oil and tosses the popcorn with cavender’s and serves!


And if we’re being super honest here, this popcorn is legions better than the stuff you can get at any theatre. Okay, maybe not ANY theatre, mostly because I haven’t been to every theatre in the known universe, let alone had popcorn at every theatre in this dimension.

When I asked Mason for a quote for this post, he said “make sure you give credit to Brent, being he’s the one who used to make this for me all through high school”. Big thanks to Brent for introducing this recipe to Mason so he can make me popcorn whenever I want!

Have any recipes you’d like me to try? Shoot me an email at or send me a message on here! I’m always looking for new things to try and new recipes to screw up.




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