Vegan Pad Thai

Have I told y’all how much I love noodles? I mean, if you’re reading this you probably know me personally so you probably don’t need me telling you how much I love noodles, but just in case you’re wondering, I LOVE noodles. And obviously if you know me, then you know M and how much he loves Asian food. If you go back through my posts, you can see it’s apparent I spend a lot of my time cooking for him. Take examples one, two, and three. But when he brought up the idea of making pad Thai, I thought this might be the best combination of our tastes. The fact that we’ve made this three times, with veggies or just noodles and sauce, is the pudding in which the proof sits.


I’m going to honestly with y’all. Mason made the sauce and while I do know what went in it, I have no clue as to how much of each he used. So I will update you as soon as I know!


The super nice thing about pad thai is that you can essentially use whatever vegetables you’d like. I know there’s a specific set of veggies you’re supposed to use, but I’ve never really followed rules anyway so why start now? This time around I ended up using half of a yellow onion, three cloves of garlic, two carrots, one bell pepper, and a head of broccoli. I also made a head of corn for each of us to have a side but of course I ate both of them, just because I love corn so much.

I started off cooking the onion and garlic, then added the carrots and bell pepper. After that I took Mason’s sauce mixture, cut it down with about half a cup of water, then tossed into the pot to simmer.


After cooking the noodles per the box, I mixed them in with the veggie and sauce mixture. Thinking back, now I would mix the noodles and sauce, then top with the vegetables. Mostly because plating was a mess and I somehow managed to get sauce on the top of the fan over our stove.


We topped our pad thai with some avocado for some extra healthy fats and enjoyed! THIS WAS SO GOOD.

As someone who typically has to be dragged to asian restaurants unless I’m in a very specific mood, I would make this everyday if I could. I mean, not that I can’t, but I’m sure y’all would want to see more than me eating pad thai everyday.

Have a recipe you’d like me to try? Send me an email or a message on the contact page and I’ll try my best not to complete mess it up.





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