Gardein Dinner; Act One

If you are a vegetarian/vegan living in the states, you’ve heard of Gardein. Whether it’s the seven grain nuggets, the crabless cakes, or the orange chick’n, it’s all great. (Just a PSA, this is not sponsored or paid in any way but if Gardein, if y’all looking for someone I’m available!)

I was grocery shopping and headed to the frozen veggie section and realized that while Gardein makes an awesome product, it’s not really a meal. After picking up the teriyaki chick’n, I got to thinking of what would be good with it, or what would make this product a well rounded meal.

Thus birthed the idea of a series about Gardein, just because I love them so much. I want to see how easy (or difficult) it might be to make full meals with Gardein products. Also, any excuse to eat those seven grain chick’n tenders has got me on board.

For act one I’d thought I’d go for something that seemed pretty obvious to me. Gardein has chick’n teriyaki soy curls and I immediately thought chicken teriyaki with broccoli and jasmine rice. Easy peasy lemon squeezey.


I started off with cutting all of the chick’n strips in half just so they’d be easier to plate and just wouldn’t be so massive. Then chopped up a head of broccoli and parboiled that in my smaller pot.


I essentially followed the directions on the back of the package, which say to reheat the chick’n at a medium to high heat for about six to seven minutes then add the teriyaki sauce pack. After heating up the chick’n mostly, I added in the broccoli and sauce pack.


After adding everything together, I let it simmer until the rice was done. For the rice I used a ten minute jasmine rice bag because I hadn’t purchased my rice cooker yet but I imagine it would’ve been a bit better with real rice but it was still very good.


After the rice was done, I strained it and plated up! This meal really made me think about how eating vegan is such an easy lifestyle change, at least for me. Being in Portland has made me a bit spoiled because I feel as though there are so many options that are naturally vegan anyway like thai, asian, and fusion food. And anything that isn’t naturally vegetarian or vegan has so many replacement options here in the PNW. Okay, rant over. Enjoy!

Have a recipe you’d like me to test out? Shoot me an email or message on the contact page ad I’ll do my best not to botch it too much!






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