My Top Halloween Movies

There’s nothing like a movie marathon in the colder months. Surrounded by snacks, blankets, pillows, and kittens you can’t go wrong.

So if you’re looking for some bingeing material for this extra spooky months I’ve compiled my top Halloween movies, and there’s 31 so if you really wanted to you could watch one a day and really push the envelope for maximum spookiness.

1. Hocus Pocus

Hands down my very favorite Halloween movie. I 100% watch Hocus Pocus more than once a month and I’ve always wanted to have two girlfriends so we could all do a group costume as the Sanderson Sisters. With M as the devil of course.

2. Halloween

A classic that literally scares the bejeezus out of me. The music, the sound effects, the jump scares. I can’t get over it.

3. The Nightmare Before Christmas

A classic from my childhood (and let’s be honest, my 20’s as well)! I love this movie! PS this is definitely a crossover so this’ll probably end up on my Christmas movie list as well. Don’t judge.

4. Halloweentown

The classic Disney Channel made for TV movie that they then destroyed with sequels and the changing of actors. Sigh. At least we’ll always have the original.

5. Hereditary

Even thinking about this movie gives me goosebumps. You’ll never guess the ending but I can assure you it’s terrifying. Just don’t watch with the lights off.

6. The Witches

I was recommended this movie by a friend and it did not disappoint! If I’m being honest I’ve no clue on how to describe so just go give it a watch.

7. The Craft

A super creepy movie about witchcraft and the devil with feminist undertones?! Sign me up!

8. Battle Royale

Y’all the Japanese do not play when it comes to scary movies. The Grudge? Terrifying! Noroi;The Curse? Had to turn it off. A Page of Madness?! Couldn’t even turn it on. While Battle Royale is more on the dystopia action side of the spooky scale its still absolutely terrifying.

9. Coraline

If you haven’t seen Coraline first off, what are you doing? Second, boy are you in for a ride. Not only is there hundreds of pages of fan theories about Coraline’s actual family and how she’s actually in hell, the movie itself is way creepier. A fake mom who wants to steal your soul and sew buttons into your eyes? Hard pass.

10. The Haunted Mansion

Hands down the funniest Eddie Murphy movie ever. And I’ve seen the one where he talks to animals.

11. Hotel Transylvania

Only the cutest movie about a single dad and his silly daughter who falls for some doofus human. It’s like the animated, less dramatic telling of Romeo and Juliet. Except spoiler! They don’t die at the end.

12. Paranorman


13. Monster House

An adorable coming of age story about three friends who throw down with a human eating house.

14. Twitches

Two words. Twin. Witches. What else do I need to say?

15. Scream

There’s nothing more iconic than your boyfriend faking his death with corn syrup so he can murder you for some morally questionable reasons.

16. Carrie (OG & remake)

Now I know a lot of people have a lot of feelings about the newer Carrie remake. I personally loved it. Yes it’s more of an action movie than a horror movie but c’mon you guys. With how far special effects and CGI has come of course they’re going to do it. Am I the only person who was pumped for that locked door prom carnage?!

17. Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!

18. The Addams Family

Let’s just say I’ve gone as Wednesday Addams to multiple Halloween parties, that’s how great it is.

19. The Possession

Just your classic possession movie with fun jump scares, forbidden boxes, and a rabbi’s son to save the day.

20. Young Frankenstein

Okay yes, Young Frankenstein is more comedy than horror. But who can say no to a young Gene Wilder?!

21. Let Me In

The American version of the movie of a similar name. Equal parts cute and sad. Sude?

22. The Little Vampire

I totally get that this movie was meant to be spooky to kids, after all it was a made for TV Disney Channel movie. And I think as a child I was spooked by it but now it’s just such a cute movie!

23. The Exorcist

A classic. A terrifying, sleep with a friend and the lights are on, classic.

24. It (OG & remake)

I can’t say much to the OG It since I’ve only seen it once or twice but since the remake’s come out I’ve seen it at least five times. The new CGI, the storyline, the soundtrack, Bill Skarsgaard as Pennywise, makes it such a good flippin movie!

25. The Shining

Another especially spooky classic that I was too scared to fully watch until well into my 20’s.

26. The Descent

Whats more scary than being trapped underground with minimal light? Flesh eating monsters that can’t see of course! You won’t even want to be in an elevator after watching this one.

27. Poltergeist

Whether you’re team 1982 or 2015, I think we can all agree that the concept is absolutely appallling and I am too scared to purchase a home now.

28. Zombieland

Equal parts comedy gold and straight gore make this jump scarey movie worth it.

29. Dawn of The Dead (remake)

Now I can’t speak to the original Dawn of The Dead because I’ve never seen it but the 2004 remake is the first zombie movie I ever saw and man has it sat with me. This movie will give a whole new meaning to “we’re going to the mall”.

30. It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

How could anyone go through the entire month of October and not watch this?

31. The Haunting

This movie (much like The Univited) is a fun game of ‘am I being haunted by a ghost or am I just going crazy?’.

Do you have any good movie recommendations? Leave a comment below!




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